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HSE Consultants and Technicians

IOS safety specialists embody a commitment to excellence in their field. They facilitate on-site safety management by interacting with crew and daily compliance monitoring.

Their goal is to ensure correct HSE practice and compliance with all relevant federal and state/provincial laws, including OSHA, BSEE, and, the U.S. Coast Guard.

IOS safety specialists function as safety trained supervisors (STS), supplying constant support for your HSE needs. They are highly trained, BCSP-certified professionals with diverse industry experience who specialize in hazard identification and assist with correction.
In addition to filing Daily Safety Reports, our safety specialists can perform Incident Investigations as needed and implement Behavioral Safety Processes to instill a strong, lasting safety culture.

A trademark of our team of safety specialists, is their flexibility in creating and implementing the right HSE management system for the situation at hand. Their goal is to customize the best solution for each individual client’s needs, whether adding value as hydration technicians or administrative support.
 Their list of tools and services is quite extensive, including:

  • PPE
  • LOTO
  • Fall protection
  • Atmospheric monitoring 
  • Tracking safety personnel and equipment data
  • JSAs
  • RCSs
  • Behavioral observations
  • Pre-Coast Guard inspections
  • Directing safety meetings
  • HAZ I.D.
  • Injury case management and incident investigation, including accident and near-miss
  • Monitoring SSE programs