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Pipeline Construction Manager

Responsible for overall construction management and coordination activities associated with a major urban pipeline construction project in Southern California.

·         Reviews construction plans and procedures, develops construction execution strategy, pipeline route and alternative routes.
·         Reviews geotechnical activities, execution plans and risk management concerns.
·         Reviews and supports permitting issues, pipeline crossing permits and Right of Way negotiations / easements / releases and  FERC applications
·         Hands-on experience managing pipeline construction projects in a densely populated urban environment.
·         Reviews and assesses construction schedules and design concerns
·         Provides pipeline constructability input and construction planning.
·         Reviews and provides guidance utilization of construction equipment for the assigned project to maximize productivity and maintain schedule.
·         Develops construction contingency and recovery plans as required. 
·         Monitors construction equipment performance and utilization.
·         Provides continuous improvement input and strategy development.
·         Requires knowledge of pipeline construction techniques and equipment in order to develop strategies and manage overall quality and efficient daily production of equipment and personnel.
·         Develop solutions to complex problems that require a significant degree of innovation and ingenuity.
·         Manages all on-site equipment functions in accordance with the established policies, procedures, systems, and requirements approved by the Company.
·         May function as liaison between client and multiple project managers, construction personnel and contractors. 
·         Champion of the HSE program and responsible for safety of supervised personnel
·         Ensures that personnel comply with established safety policies and procedures, and has front line responsibility for providing a safe work environment.